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We look forward to hear from you. Your testimonials are what keeps us going. We love to hear how you like your blankets. We work hard to make them look like new again!



Thank you so much for my beautifully restored turn-out sheets and stable blankets. I appreciated your constant communication as to the status of my horse laundry, the fact that you called me to get answers to your questions, the easy method of shipping, the quality care that you gave my horse laundry, and the storage bags in which my laundry was returned making it easy to keep them stored until ready to use.

You will definitely see more horse laundry from me in the future and perhaps some of my boarders.  My husband will contact you for perhaps giving you a plug on his websites and/or listing you on one that promotes horse businesses.

Thank you again for excellent service.


Dirty Blanket

Before and After

Clean Blanket

We received all of the blankets over 2 days just as you did.  I must say, I am completely impressed with the job you did.  Not only was the washing and repairs very high quality, but you made everything so incredibly easy to do.  Your professionalism and the ease of getting the blankets to you made all of the difference in the world.  Thank you so much for everything.  We will definitely utilize your service again!

Have a phenomenal day,
South Texas

Hi Pam,

My blankets arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with how beautiful they look. I appreciate the repair work that went in to making the Weather Beeta blanket brand new again and I was very impressed with the storage bags in which they came. Very professional! Now if my horses would only listen to me when I tell them not to roll. I will definitely call you for blanket cleaning and repairs again.

Thanks !!!! :)
Gloucester, VA

One place I would recommend would be Totally Horses - not only do they do a great job on blankets, but when my horse was dying, and we had used every spare blanket in the place to keep him warm and dry on a 20 degree night, the owner donated her facility for cleaning and drying them all. There were about 6 large trash bags of blankets, coolers... that needed washing. The kind of people any of us would love to do business with!



I received my blankets last week and I want to tell you that I am so pleased with how they looked and smelled.  OH MY GOSH!  You guys did a wonderful job. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL.

Jennifer W.
Houston, TX 77027


We received our blankets today, and I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the wonderful job you all did! They look and smell GREAT, and the repairs are top-notch. I really liked the storage bags that they came back in ... everything was done and handled in such a quality manner.

I will be highly recommending your company to our barn-mates.

In fact, send me another large bag, I have some more pony laundry for you. :-)

Again thank you for saving me from having to buy new blankets!

Best regards,
Tina P.
Forest, VA


My blankets arrived last week and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am. I was skeptical because places I've sent blankets before returned them still stained and dirty,but these blankets look brand new! I'll be sending all my blankets next year,and I'll be recommending you to all my friends as well.

Heidi Martin
Chesterfield, VA

I just had to tell you how impressed I was,with not only your blanket cleaning, but also the repair. I had a very nice anti sweat sheet that I think I used once before a mouse chewed a hole in it. Your repair was awesome. The patch matches the material perfectly and you'd never even know it was damaged.

Thanks again,
Mary Joe
Locust Grove, GA

Hi Pam!

Got Mendie's blanket back! It looks excellent--just as nice as the day I bought it. There's not a speck of dirt on it or a stray hair anywhere that I can find. You guys did a wonderful job folding and re-packaging it until next season. I really appreciate the hard work you guys put into "re-beautifying" his blanket. I'll admit...I was a bit embarrassed when I sent it to you--considering it was FILTHY! I really did not expect for it to come back this clean. I'm very impressed...and very happy! :)

We'll be back again after next season!

Thanks so much,
Robyn & Mendie
Bedford, Indiana